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OK, so LJ has been messing it up big time. I am especially angry at the lack of subject for comments for most users, and at the answers we were given by the Big Bag Chief (seriously, is that a way to treat your users ?).

Still, LJ is my home, and I don't see myself moving completely. But I'm aware that some of you might, and I want to be able to follow you.

So I have created a Dreamwidth account with the same username (gribouille), as a back-up journal. I'm not sure yet how much I will use it, but I wanted to have it just in case, especially since we can now, temporarily, create accounts without needing invites.

So see you there... or here. And I really hope that this crisis with LJ will get solved.
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In less than a week French LJ communities have had "attacks" by bots. They register themselves under names such as "carinadelgado" or "ashleypetersen" and join a great number of communities (over 900 for "carinadelgado", all with open-to-all posting access). Next thing you know, you open your Friends' page to see 5 or 6 repeats of the same post, with a porn video for all to view (to be perfectly honest, I didn't check if it was porn, but the title and the preview image were retty self-explanatory). Even just one is already annoying enough.

If you speak French, [ profile] ylg has a very handy post here about how to report those. If not, here is its translation in English :

=> if you're a member of the targeted community, or just someone who happened to pass by :
1) Report the bot here :
2) Report every single one of the spam posts you saw here :
3) Warn the moderators of said LJ community.

If someone could make a post compiling the different links towards the posts on the targeted communities (in case of a massive "attack" such as those that happened to the French comms), it could be very handy - this way, everyone can report the same links at once, which would hopefully make LJ react faster. [ profile] ylg did it last week (thanks again !) and it proved rather effective.

=> if you're a moderator of the targeted community :
1) Report the robot here :
2) Ban the user here :
3) Delete the post by clicking on "Edit", which should enable you to "delete and report as spam". If the bot responsible for it doesn't allow you to comment on its entry, you can still access it by clicking directly on the post's title, or via the community's archive.

This should also work against those so-called Russian spambots and their magazines covers.

Thank you for reading this (and sorry if my English is not the best), and please pass the information around if you can. Normally, this should help to get rid of the bots quickly enough. Until they strike again.

Thanks again !
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For [ profile] bitterfig

Title : Casual
Author : Mélie, a.k.a. [ profile] gribouille
Fandom : Reservoir Dogs
Pairing : Orange/White
Rating : PG-13
Disclaimer : Not mine but all Tarantino's.
Note : English is not my mothertongue, so please forgive my mistakes... and don't hesitate pointing them to me !

Casual )
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I'm now back from Touraine, where I've been working for my exams (but not much), visiting castles (Loches !) and gardens (Chaumont !), but most of all spending some time with my grandparents.

I've seen State of Play (the movie) again, this time with my grandfather (and in French). I've seen some bad French TV shows. I've even watched Desperate Housewives (with John Barrowman !). Just to spend some time with my grandfather. I've also been shopping, and playing cards with my grandmother. It was a great week overall :-)


I don't think I've mentionned it here, but Jon and I now have an apartment near Galway. Jon is currently moving his stuff there. As for me, I'll only see the flat on June 18, when I go over to Ireland for 3 days. I'll bring some of my stuff then, and more of it in July. I'm pretty excited - though also a little scared, of course.


Today I re-watched Rain Man. One of my favourite favourite favourite movies. I discovered it for the first time with my mother. First movie that made me cry - at least, that's what I can remember.

It still makes me cry a bit now. It's a wonderful story, with wonderful actors - back when Tom Cruise was worth watching - and it's brilliantly told. Plus, obviously, it makes me think about my mum. And it made me discover something. One of the songs I had chosen for her funeral was a song by Stacey Kent, I can't find it's title, but in fact I discovered that it wasn't really by Stacey Kent, that it was in fact a song by Fred Astaire, probably in the movie Top Hat, and it can be heard in Rain Man. Did I notice it unconsciously when I prepared the music ? I don't know. Anyway, I know, it's silly.


The next two weeks will be full of exams and driving lessons. Then I'll be free for three months (well, if we forget about the driving test). Can't wait !
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Apart from me, of course XD

Seen at [ profile] flo_nelja's ^___^

Who comments the most on this journal? )

(oh, and this is completely unrelated, but Ashes to Ashes is now over, the last episode was absolutely brilliant, which makes be both happy and a little bit sad as well...... and soon it will be LOST's turn - probably watching the last episodes tonight and I hope they will be just as brilliant as A2A)
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Seen at [ profile] fannish5 : Name your five favorite spaceships.

1. TARDIS (Doctor Who)

2. Serenity (Firefly & Serenity)

3. Enterprise (Star Trek)

4. Heart of Gold (H2G2)

5. Millenium Falcon (Star Wars)

Very classical choices, as I don't know many spaceships apart from those... in fact, I don't think I know any other spaceship XD
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(NO End of Time spoiler in this part of the post, by the way, so no worries)

To make it short, it is very difficult to get to the TV at Jon's parents'. Main reason : Jon's dad, who owns the remote and switches to whatever channel he wants to watch, without asking for anyone's opinion. Basically, the only time Jon and me ever got to see what we wanted - except when his parents were away - were last year, for Doctor Who's Christmas special. We "booked" it a week in advance.

We did the same thing this year, and this year again Jon's dad promised us to let us watch our show - he would probably be asleep after the HUGE Christmas dinner anyway.

So everything was going on ok. We did (well, Jon did, mostly) all the jobs that were asked from us. All of them. We were (well, I was, mostly) kind to everyone. We did not mind getting ignored/patronized by Antony (Jon's mean older brother, also cold the Grouch). All we were asking for was an hour, no, even 50 minutes of TV.

We did get them. Except that at the last minute the Grouch and his wife (who from this moment I might start calling the Goose) decided to invite themselves over for another hour and to cackle away in the sitting room (where the TV was). And when they realized that we were watching something and what we were watching, the only reaction was from the Grouch himself : "oh, fucking Doctor Who..." which was followed later by mean comments from the Goose about how crazy and stupid this show is (well, she did not say stupid, but she did not need to say it).

So the result was that we did get to watch the show, but we did not get to hear half of it, which really upset me because I had kind of been expecting that for a year. Plus I missed great moments which would really have been GREAT if I had been able to hear what people were saying.

Well all we have to do now is to wait till we can watch it again...

But still from what I could watch there are a few words that I would like to say so BEWARE for HERE COME THE SPOILERS ! )
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... yet I got to open my presents. Jon had already given me a lovely "Household planner" (basically a calendar with stickers saying like "Doctor", "Birthday", "Holiday", "Important Date" and forget-me-nots and a pen), and tonight I got a very nice frame as well. Now we just have to take a picture of the two of us and print it and it will be perfect.

I was surprised by Joan, Jon's mother. Last year already she had gotten me presents for Christmas and my birthday. But today she gave me even more presents than usual... which resulted into a funny scene as Jon was given one single present while she piled boxes on my knees XD Well, in fact, there were only three boxes, but to me it looked huge. I got a sort of nice thread to be attached to my glasses so that they won't fall down or get lost any more (I have to insist : I do not lose my glasses, they get lost by themselves). I got a purple jumper (and just the right purple, my favourite colour) and a set of body fragrance and washing stuff which is very nice and with a French name XD I really didn't expect to get all that... I know Joan likes me but here she is really spoiling me... Jon tells me she feels that I am the daughter she never had... and this honestly touch me. Great, I'm crying now XD

So that was Christmas Eve for me. But since I haven't posted for so long I guess I should give you a little update XD

So here comes a little update about pretty much everything and anything )

And I think that's it. Mainly. Well I could say a few things about school and exams and lazy teachers, but I'm too happy to talk about annoying things right now.

Once again, Merry Christmas everyone !
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- So on Tuesday I officially discovered (well, actually, not me, the doctor did) that I have a bronchitis - which would probably never have happened (the discovery, not the bronchitis) if Jon had not threatened me until I decided to skip classes and go see the doctor. That same doctor gave me an "arrêt de travail" to stop me from going to work until Monday. Which means I have the end of the week off and can enjoy spending it with my boyfriend. I swear I did not do it on purpose.

- NaNoWriMo is going to be difficult this year. I'm already around 7000 words behind. When I manage to write, I never fulfill my quotas. Too bad.

- Tomorrow, Christmas shopping, yeah
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Stolen from [ profile] flo_nelja because it seemed extremely interesting : you just have to make a list of 100 characters, only girls, that you like. They don't have to be your 100 favourite girl characters. As long as you like them.

In no specific order... )
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Not much news from Leeds, except that Jon arrived there yesterday. The festival must have begun now, I hope he's having fun.

As for me, I'm actually not that bored. I watched the two first episodes of Being Human (couldn't find the pilote), a very enjoyable TV show in which a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost are roommates. Since I love stories where the "abnormal" is normal (or tries to be), I really like it. And the characters are cool. But I think I'll stop watching it now and wait till Jon comes back because I want to show it to him.

So instead I watch True Blood, another show about supernatural being normal, or at least commonplace : basically, it is set in a world where vampires exist and are now part of everyday life, or try to be. Here again I really like the characters... especially since Anna Paquin (The Piano, Finding Forrester or, more recently, Rogue in the X-Men movies) plays one of them (the main character, that is). Oh, and it's an HBO show, so definitely not for kids.

And, last but not least, I created this : [ profile] a_song_of, a community to post my icons. Right now I am still re-posting old bunches of icons, so I wouldn't advise you to watch it unless you want your f-list to be filled with new old posts.

While I went through old icon posts I realized how bad most of my first icons were. It's funny to see how I progressively managed to get to know Photoshop. I'm not saying that all my recent icons are perfect - none of them is, and there are still some crappy ones. But I'm glad I improved...
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- Still no job. Since I'm only staying five more weeks in Ireland, I don't think I'll find anything. BUT I am trying something else : "French grinds". Basically I am going to give french lessons, a bit of training before going back to school, to whoever wants them (not for free, but probably cheap enough). That won't be much, but at least it will give me a bit of an occupation, and still a bit of money.

- Apparently I haven't told you about Public Enemies. This movie is absolutely brilliant. With brilliant actors (Johnny Depp, anyone ?). I loved it.

- Also really enjoyed Ice Age 3, which, even though it isn't as brilliant as the first one, turned out to be very funny and also very cute. But I miss the French voice badly - except for Simon Pegg, and anyway I don't know who does the French voice. Vincent Cassel as Diego ? No one can do better than that (sorry, but... ♥).

- I still haven't booked my flight back to France. Actually I might do it now. Or later. I know I have to book it, but... I don't really want to, for some reason. Even though I am really looking forward to going to college and having an apartment and taking my cat back and finding a job... I just like it so much here...
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So here it's almost 10 in the morning and someone is still asleep. It's funny but I can't seem to be able to sleep late, maybe because in France it's an hour later than that, I don't know. Or maybe because I'm so used to waking up early because of school and all that.

Saturday was cool : while Jon was at his work, his mom showed me picture of when he and his brothers were little. I know, it's so cliché. But it was much fun. I love looking at old pictures - whether they are mine or others'. And I had the proof that my love is a Metamorphagus : when he was a baby he was red haired, a few years later brown haired, then back to red haired, then almost blond haired, and right now his hair colour is very dark brown. Sooo funny. He had told me about this before but it's another thing to see it for real XD I'm dating Teddy Lupin, yeaaaah !

And yesterday we went out to see some friends of his at the pub. I really didn't want to go out - I'm not the type to go out at night, plus I really didn't feel well - but I didn't say anything and made an effort. It was worth it.

Today we'll probably go to Galway. I want to find the second book of the Millenium trilogy, and we have movies to watch.

And Torchwood 3x05 is still waiting...
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* So I'm back in Ireland. The trip was okay, except that Jon had the best idea ever : miss his bus. Fortunately, the bus trip was 2 hours long, which gave me the time to deal with my disappointment (yes, I'm rather emotionally fragile and thus easily pissed off at the moment) - and gave him the time to find a box with Tarantino's 5 first movies... he does know me too much.

* Yesterday I could finally spend my day doing nothing. Which was exactly what I needed. So I replied to a few e-mails, read, sorted out some files on my computer and baked lasagnas with Jon's mother. I intend to do more or less the same thing today - nothing but chill out.

* We watched the first episode of Torchwood - Children of Earth yesterday. Yes, we are late. Yes, we loved it. Yes, we will definitely watch a few other episodes tonight. Yes, Ianto is love.

* I've almost finished the book I am currently reading : The girl with the dragon tattoo (en français Les hommes qui n'aimaient pas les femmes), that is, the first book of the Millenium trilogy. I haven't seen the movie but I intend too. As for the book, it is rather disturbing (even though I have read a lot of disturbing thrillers before and wasn't that moved), but still fascinating. Especially Lisbeth Salander's character. The story deals with the disappearance of a young girl, Harriet Vanger, which occurred some thirty years ago, a mystery which remains unsolved until the girl's uncle asks a journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, to try and crack it. As for Lisbeth, she works as a detective who sneaks into people's life in order to find their dirtiest secrets... while she herself has many things she wouldn't want others to discover. I love the way it's written. The beginning may seem a bit slow, but at the same time it helps discovering the characters. The story is complex, and not always easy to follow - which I like. All and all it is a very, very good book indeed, and as soon as I've finished with it I'm going to 1) find the next one and 2) see the movie.

* I'm still looking for a job for the summer, even though for now I'm doing nothing about it. I hope I'll find something - but there's nothing I can do right now, it has to wait till next week.

(* Et en français pour finir, parce que ça ne dira rien aux anglophones : je ne suis pas admise à l'ENS, ce qui me soulage d'un certain poids, c'est le moins qu'on puisse dire. Ne me reste plus qu'à voir mes notes !)
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The first Saturday of May, every year, is apparently Free Comic Book Day. Which means that in some bookshops, comic books will be given. Yes, given. Free. Not any comic books, that is, but a large range of them.

I just learned about that - a shop in Galway is doing it - and I thought I might share, in case anyone is interested...

You can search for the shops where you live here.

The list of the comic books that will be given is here.

Off course, I guess you have to be there rather early, but it might be worth it...

(((en France apparemment y en a que sur Paris et à Ivry-sur-Seine... j'imagine que c'est déjà ça...)))
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Just came out of the cinema. Well... an hour ago. And it was BRILLIANT.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. Well, I was expecting it to be better than the third X-Men - not a difficult task -, and the trailers were very promising, but still, I was really surprised. The opening credits are brilliant. I love all the references to the comics or to the other movies. I love the characters - Liev Schreiber makes Sabretooth SEXY, and Gambit...

GAMBIT *____*

Anyway, it was rather well written, very well directed, with good actors, good characters, off course there are a few flaws, but... still spent a very, very nice time. And... Gambit ^_______^

And Gambit/Wolverine/Gambit, off course. Ahem.
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So now I have been on holiday for three days. Real, REAL holiday. I arrived in Ireland yesterday with my love, and I'll be staying here till the 10th of May.

The last week has been a hell. A HELL. In spite of all the good times with my friends, and despite the fact that some of the subjects had more or less already been done in class... I am SO glad that this bloody exam is over. And that I don't have anything to do for two weeks. In fact, the teacher have even forbidden us to do any classwork at all.

Yesterday I accidentally discovered one of my birthday presents - Watchmen ! The graphic novel ! In English ! And apparently it's not the only present I'll get... my boyfriend is mad. Anyway, read two chapters this morning, and I absolutely LOVE it.

Don't really know what I'm going to do today, I'll be alone since my love is at work... maybe read. Watch TV. We'll see.

Anyway, I hope everyone's alright. See you later and have a nice day !
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Hello everyone...

Exams begin in a week. Tomorrow I'm going at my grandparent's place in order to study there as quietly as possible. No Internet. Then during the exams I'm staying in a hotel where there won't be Internet either. And even if there is, I don't think I will use it.

So, here it is : HIATUS. For two weeks. Which is not very unusual, but at least it's official.

Good luck to everyone for everything you're doing !

See you in two weeks at least !


Vous l'avez compris, pas (ou peu) de net pour moi pendant deux semaines pour raisons scolaires (si l'on veut) :-) Vive les révisions et le concours... et vive les supers valises pleines de bouquins que je me demande comment je vais me trimbaler tout ça... enfin bon.

Bonnes semaines à tous/toutes !


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