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Voilà voilà, c'est enfin terminé... enfin, il me reste encore les originales, mais ça peut attendre.

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attention les yeux: vieilles fics probablement OOC.
(FFnet) fics publiées sur FFnet mais pas sur LJ

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Pour le défi Sex Is Not the Enemy de [ profile] miya_tenaka !

Titre : /
Auteur : Mélie, alias [ profile] gribouille
Fandom : Alice in wonderland (movieverse)
Pairing : Mad Hatter/Alice
Prompt : cette image ci
Rating : PG-13
Note : + je conserve les noms anglais la plupart du temps.
+ Mon premier essai sur ce fandom... et ce n'était pas facile. J'espère que je ne m'en suis pas trop mal sortie...
+ SPOILERS sur le film

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So I finally arrived in Ireland on Thursday, and as usual it's so good to be back. We went to Galway yesterday and after a bit of shopping we saw Alice in Wonderland - I hadn't even realised it was out in Ireland, so it was a great surprise. And yes, the movie was good, very good even, and very, very beautiful. The music was perfect as usual - Danny Elfman is back ! Johnny Depp is a great Mad Hatter, the story is convincing enough, so is the young actress playing Alice. Some moments are a bit dark, and so are some character, but I liked that. We didn't see it in 3D, but even in 2D it was wonderful. Tim Burton through and through.

Oh, and this morning I had breakfast in bed, scrambled eggs. Nice ^__^ it's definitely good to be here. Coming back to France on Monday will be very hard.


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