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Voilà voilà, c'est enfin terminé... enfin, il me reste encore les originales, mais ça peut attendre.

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attention les yeux: vieilles fics probablement OOC.
(FFnet) fics publiées sur FFnet mais pas sur LJ

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For [ profile] fannish5

List the 5 series (tv, book, or movies) that best kept their quality, from beginning to end.

1. Discworld, Terry Pratchet.
That might be considered cheating given that the series is not over, but although of course I have my favourite novels and those that didn't really appeal much to me, managing to write so many unique, funny books is absolutely amazing. Well done Sir Terry Pratchett !

2. Lord of the Rings (books), J.R.R. Tolkien
Not that I didn't like the movies, which were a very good adaptation (in "my" meaning of the word, which I might explain someday XD), but when I ended the book I felt both happy and sad because it was, as my mum used to say it very well, as if you were saying good bye to an old friend.

3. The Prisonner (1967 show), Patrick McGoohan
Yet again, you could say it's cheating, because it only lasted one season. But what a season !

4. Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes
Because Gene Hunt remained Gene Hunt, and because the end was absolutely amazing.

5. Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides, Lost and Translation & Marie-Antoinette
Because yes, I consider them as a trilogy. A trilogy about young woman lost in a world that don't understand them and/or that they don't understand.
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Apart from me, of course XD

Seen at [ profile] flo_nelja's ^___^

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(oh, and this is completely unrelated, but Ashes to Ashes is now over, the last episode was absolutely brilliant, which makes be both happy and a little bit sad as well...... and soon it will be LOST's turn - probably watching the last episodes tonight and I hope they will be just as brilliant as A2A)
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Ma première fic de l'année !

Crosspost [ profile] 31_jours

Titre : Western
Auteur : Mélie, alias [ profile] gribouille
Jour/Thème : 11 mars/la loi, c'est moi
Fandom : Ashes to Ashes
Personnage/Couple : Alex, Gene Hunt, Alex/Gene plus ou moins sous-entendu.
Rating : G
Warnings éventuels : None.
Disclaimer : Pas à moi.

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